Thursday, May 21, 2015

Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai (Part II)

Walking out from the hotel with the guidance of TripAdvisor, i chose the best nearby local food- Mr.Kai Restaurant.

It was about 15 minutes walk to the restaurant. Along the way, we realized that houses in Chiang Mai are unique as they built their houses by their own preferences. Unlike Msia, we can't simply change the property design unless you are rich enough to bought the whole land and built your own house. Else, if your house suddenly appearing 3D in a row of houses, welcome to the saman world.


The property price in CM is jumping from MYR 100K in average.


Walking under the big hot sun is not fun thou (39 celcius!!)... If it's not because of these nice houses designs and wall arts that kept up my courage to keep walking, i will just surrender and call up a red cab... Make sure to bring an UV protection umbrella with you and check the weather forecast before you travel. We walked like Iron man on the first day because i forgot to bring umbrella over!!


The 15 minutes walk finally ended. That's the big square bright yellow banner of Mr.Kai Restaurant!


This place was crowded when i reached. Mostly are foreigners.


They have varieties of foods. From appetizers to main dish to the desserts.


We ordered Khao Pad, mushroom plate, and Khao Soi.


Khao Pad is fried rice. Fried rice is the basic for the Chinese. I believe that if the fried rice taste good, the others from the menu will not be too bad.Fried rice recipes will vary widely, depending on which countries' fried rice you have tried. This Thai version fried rice is worth to try although i still prefer the Malaysian's ;)


This mushroom plate is good to go with the Khao Pad. 


This is probably the best i have tried in Mr.Kai's Restaurant, Khao Soi.  Khao Soi is a curry mixed with coconut-flavoured noodle soup which is famous in the Northern Thai. 

I think that Mr.Kai Restaurant mostly visited by the foreigners. I don't see many locals dine in the restaurant, so i assumed that the rating was high due to the votes from the foreigners. Personally, i think that the food that i ordered were just average , but i love their fruits blended especially the coconut shakes and the guava shakes.


Continue searching for the nearby attractions by TripAdvisor...

One thing..

Never be so dependent to the location map showing in the TripAdvisor as most of them are not accurate. (I ended up wasted time walked to some random people's house or standing at the middle of nowhere while the phone's navigator is buzzing me with "You have reach your destination" for sooo many times)

Best nearby at that moment : Wat Chedi Luang


Wat Chedi Luang is a Buddhist temple in the historic centre of Chiang Mai. The current temple grounds were originally made up of three temples — Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Ho Tham and Wat Sukmin.


Wat Ho Tham


Chiang Mai is overflowing with ancient Buddhist Temples (Wats). Every temple has their story behind . Visiting temples blindly is definitely boring but not until you truly understand their history. Well, if you are going by yourself without tour guide, at least Mr.G can help you understand the temples more. This will definitely a huge credit in your trip!


There goes my first day in Chiang Mai.

*I spent the rest of my first day in hotel due to the cruel devil call regarding of my FYP...*

To Be Continue...

Monday, May 4, 2015

Chiang Mai / Chiang Rai 2015

I am back from ChiangMai!!

This trip was totally ALLSOME! First trip that i departed with a backpack and back to Malaysia EMPTY HANDED *long story*

We only spent about MYR 1.5k per person for the whole trip and it could be lesser! We had all the good foods, good accommodations, good transportation and good experiences!

 I will include everything here and also list down some tips for those who is planning for Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai trip here ;)

We took a morning flight. It was a 2.5 hrs journey from KLIA 2 to the Chiang Mai airport. It's just good enough to recharge the energy and spirit for the first day in CM.

We arrived the airport and had warm greetings from the staff. Walked out from the airport from gate 8 and we saw a lot taxi-meter. However, taxi-meter here don't seem like a real metered taxi as they don't use the meter for far as i experienced. A man walked to us and offer a ride for 200 baht. From the map i searched earlier, the hotel that we booked is just approximately 4 km from airport, so we offered him a 100 baht and that made the deal. A 100 baht here worth a lot to us as he explained everything about CM in detailed , where to go, what to eat, and even bring us to get our SIM cards done! He suggested us to take the AIS card and reload for the internet data and it only costed 150 baht to get the unlimited data for 7 days! Here, i must say that their telco is far more better than ours as they really have the good speed and the coverage is almost everywhere. We managed to deal at 600 baht /day with Benz (our taxi driver) for the following days.

First day checked in  - B2 Thippanate 
Add: 67/6 Thippanate Road, Haiya, Muang, Wua Lai, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50000


B2 Thippanate is a popular pick for both business and leisure travelers. The hotel lies 7.0 km from the city center and provides accessibility to important town facilities. It is quite near to the airport , so for those who arrived in the wee hour, i think this is quite a good choice for you. Of course, do remark on your reservation that you will be arrived around that time when you make the reservation online. I booked through and it is only about MYR 60/night (included tax).


Its interior looks more like a serviced apartment to me , simple yet nice. They  provides Wi-Fi at both public area and in rooms.


The room is big and clean. No noise pollution at all since it is located inside a residence area.


In this trip, i learnt that no toothpaste and toothbrush provided in every hotel that we checked in. Be sure to prepare yourself for that.


To get out from this to the nearby attractions and markets, you can either rent a bike or a scooter from the hotel, or you can just walk. It is just about a 10 minutes walking distance to Chiang Mai Gate where you can enjoy the local street food there. If you are there on Saturday, you can even go to the Wualai Road Saturday Market.


Let's explore this beautiful city!

-To Be Continue

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Life goes on~

Allergic hit me again. This time, i had alien lips for 1 month.

Adopted Royce ( mini pincher) but gave away for adoption again due to some sad reasons. Never have a peaceful petting life.

Hair keep dropping. Still dropping. Never ending dropping process. Botak soon.

Sprained my leg from slipping down from the staircase once finished the final exam due to the excitement. Left leg again. Say Hi to Osteoporosis soon.

Ah boy ( 10 years old BEST labrador in my life) passed away.

Darker and darker. Melanin is hanging over. No mood.

Life still move on...


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Prosperous Goat Year with Swiss Garden Hotel & Residence KL

I never get bored of Lou Sang , especially with great people under great ambiance.

Here goes the fifth Lou Sang of the Goat Year ;) 

Venue:FlavoursSwiss-Garden Hotel n Residence (03-21413333)

Here, guests may start with the delecious startes like Fish Maw and Mango with Thai Sauce at the appetizer corner. 


The main buffet counter is lined with great selection of classical and fusion Chinese cuisine.


Enjoy the end of the dinner journey with flavorful Chinese desserts such as Honey Dew Pudding and the CNY treats.



As for the CNY special offer, they have prepared 5 selections of Yee Sang such as Fortune Jelly Fish Yee Sang, Golden Seasoned Scallop Finger Yee Sang, Prosperous Salmon Yee Sang, Auspicious Swiss-Garden's Yee Sang and Fatt Choy Australian Abalone Yee Sang.



Let the chef prepare the Prosperous Salmon Yee Sang to kick start our prosperous CNY dinner!


Secret that lies in the sauce which makes it taste fruity is where our experienced Master Chef Ow have incorporated some special ingredients like ribena, lemon sauce, apricot jam.



Yee Sang
Date: Available daily from now to 5 March 2015.
Time: 12pm-9pm
Venue: Green Treats Delicatessen
Price: RM48++ onwards (half) / RM58++ onwards (full)

CNY Buffet Dinner 
Date: Available daily from now to 18 February 2015
Time: 6.30pm till 10.30pm
Venue:  Flavours Restaurant.
Price: RM88++/adult and RM48++/child (5 to 12 years)

 CNY Reunion Dinner
Price: RM1188++ to RM1588++  per table of 10 pax.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Waffle craving

My fav Thursday is here again!!! I love Thursday so much bacause i can just fly to anywhere after the morning lecture!! WEE~~ Today, we decided to settle our crazy crave for the waffle !

Out of all the must-try waffle list, we chose the salty one to go first! I love eggs! All sort of eggs are the enemies of my little appetite, especially the egg benedict!!! OUUUU YUMMMM~~~~ So, the one with egg definitely catched my eyes first ;)



Monsieur Ben Waffle (RM17)

This is the Frisky's verson of egg benedict served with wilted spinach over Belgian waffle and beef bacon!


Look at how the runny egg yolk drench the waffle topped with the spinach and beef bacon!! Slurrrpp~~ i love egg!!! the yolk , the white, everything about the egg, BIG LURVE!!!


I gotta eat first !!!!! *poke the yolk*!


Frisky Goat Bakery Cafe 
72, Jalan Burhanudin Helmi, 
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 
60000 Kuala Lumpur. 
Tel: 017-881 0251 
( Opening hours: 8am to 10.30pm Closed on Mondays )


After been satisfied by the poached egg, we hopped to the nearby cafe which is just walking distance from Frisky Goat. 


This cafe is only 2 months old. New and clean! Having morning breakfast here can be very rejuvenate!


I came for Moo Moo ! From what i see the others posted online, Moo Moo is quite big in portion! I like food with big portion especially the main course :D I am a big eater ;D

When Moo Moo was served to us, i was very much delighted with its portion!



It is waffle served with sirloin beef, cheddar, slaw, relish, crispy bacon and berries BBQ sauce and waffle potato fries !

It is good but i prefer if it use other sauce like the normal BBQ sauce or something else, the berries BBQ sauce maybe just lil bit too sour and salty for me ;) Their waffle potatos fries are awesome!!

Oh ! i like their service too! Efficient and friendly!

Chequers KL 
153, Jalan Aminuddin Baki, 
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
016-661 7622 
                                                                 ( Opening hours: 9am to 11pm )

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

One day trip in Bentong

I am experiencing amazing life with never ending activites ! But first, i need someone who willing to be as crazy as me, else my dare-to-do-anything-personality will not be reveal ;o

Went to Happy Farm in Bentong past weekend. It is an hour drive from the town. Upon reaching the farm, we were like suddenly became so excited , guess there goes the name of Happy Farm XD.


This place is amazingly fresh and green. It looks like somewhere is Australia, baby blue sky and the evergreen land. All kinds of organic plants can be found here. I love the farmers' life here. They are living under such fresh and healthful environment with no stress.


Back to the basic! But first, take a selfie of our happy moment in this Happy Farm!



Recharge before the activities start.


We were devided into 6 teams. Each of the teams were geared up with powerful slogans :D Mine was unforgettable funny thou xD



Tons of games went on smoothly and times past really fast.


There was one of the game where each group have to send a pair of representatives. Easy, each group just throw out the couple and done! =p


This is the reason why i introduced this post with such opening.  I really have a bunch of crazy friends!




This game is about making others to laugh or even just smile and that's it .We win. Somehow, not easy. =.= Their mouth are like been glued or something. Totally, nothing happen. LOL.


Done with all the games and head to the Chamang Waterfall!


My selfie stick had reached it tip top performance to get this shot while the car is moving fast uphil at 100/km ;)


Chamang Waterfall!!!







I love the water rush sound of the waterfall and the humming birds sound!


Have a nice day!